One Good Thing

Think of one good deed you did today. Did you smile at someone? Hold the door open for a stranger? Did you share a few Froot Loops with your begging pup? (Oh maybe that was me ☺) Did you do something more deliberate like volunteer at your neighborhood food pantry or make a donation to a deserving nonprofit? Did you insert a funny emoji in your group chat to make your friends chuckle at work or compliment a colleague’s new shoes? We might not recognize the small things we do throughout the day that bring good to the world, but I believe that the collective little emissions of light we shine radiates and multiplies.

It seems we need more love and compassion in this world and we can all do our part in adding to the collective good.

When you’re having a not so great day, try to do something to make someone else’s. I’m convinced it will come back to you!