What if there was this thing… The Story of Givly.

I was giving a talk at an Association of Fundraising Professionals Thought Leaders Breakfast last fall. During the questions phase of the presentation, I was asked in a room full of Development Directors, Executive Directors and other Nonprofit Leadership – Tiffany, how can we better engage millennial donors? We extend invites. We email them. We simply don’t have the time or capacity to maintain the type of communication they require. My response was that it wasn’t a challenge of time or capacity. It was an issue of methodology. People want to be involved. They want to give. They just don’t want to respond to your mailing with a check in the mail any longer! Who even still writes checks, regularly? I gave a few suggestions, but I never got the question out of my head.

I began to think about how nonprofits could better engage with donors – especially younger ones – in a way that was easy for the organization, beneficial to the mission, and in line with the way we communicate and transact. Mobile platform. Easy transacting. Better cultivation and stewarding. Mission-driven engagement. The psychology of self-stewarding… A community of philanthropists making a real difference. Social sharing.

Add this to the fact that I absolutely hate looking for all of the random donations I made throughout the year when it’s time to file taxes. Goal setting. Donation tracking.

Now, add to that the terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad happenings around the country that dominate the news on a 24 hour loop. Social media dedicated to highlighting positive stories that contribute to humanity.

People are doing good in the world. Organizations are making a difference in the lives of our fellow humans,furry friends and our environment and we should celebrate that.

So, I set out to create that which I wanted for myself. A community of good folks. A mobile platform for giving that makes my philanthropic life easier. I called it givly and I can’t wait to share it with you.